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Explore the pioneers shaping the story of Dubai AI & Web3 Festival

With the global industrial landscape integrating advanced technologies to further advance its operational capabilities, the supply chain industry is witnessing a major shift. The sector, a crucial part of the global economy, is adapting to the evolving technological climate by integrating AI and web3-based solutions into their operations that enable them to stay efficient, effective, […]
His Highness: We prioritise Dubai’s competitiveness and leading position as a hub for the digital economy in all projects and programmes we launch, in line with goals of the D33 – We are confident this campus will be a key addition to Dubai’s economy by hosting hundreds of businesses and offering thousands of jobs over the […]
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela during Davos 2024 said, “There seems to be a broad consensus that is emerging [around AI]. The world is coming together and saying we need new technology, we need some guardrails, and we need norms of how we deploy this technology.”  With the advent of Artificial Intelligence in the dynamic technological […]
Unlocking the Future: The Symbiotic Evolution of AI and Web3 In today’s dynamic technological landscape, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Web3 solutions marks a key moment for the global technological revolutions. Businesses, enterprises and governments today are adopting these tools that not only amplify their operations but also further enhance their capabilities to […]