Dubai AI & Web3 Festival 2024 Ambassadors:

Pioneers of Financial Innovation

Welcome to the distinguished circle of Dubai AI & Web3 Festival 2024 Ambassadors, where global AI & Web3 enthusiasts meets visionary leadership.

Our Ambassadors are a select group of esteemed professionals, each a beacon of excellence in the AI & Web3 sectors. They are not just participants but key drivers of the AI & Web3 evolution.

They embody the spirit of DAWF, leveraging their vast expertise to foster growth, guide discussions, and facilitate meaningful connections that resonate with our core themes of Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact.

Invitation for Applications

Are you a leader in the AI & Web3 realm eager to shape the future of technology? Join the ranks of our esteemed Ambassadors and amplify your impact at the forefront of the AI & Web3 technology revolution.

As an Ambassador, you’ll gain unparalleled exposure, network with industry titans, and contribute to pivotal discussions that redefine our AI & Web3 world. Embrace this opportunity to be at the heart of change, steering the course of AI & Web3 innovations.
The steering committee will review all submissions, and approved nominees will be contacted to complete the onboarding process.

Ambassadors 2024

Christian Gleich

International Ambassador
European Blockchain Association
Christian Gleich is the Ambassador of the European Blockchain Association and well-known as an advisor, multiple author and international speaker on topics related to Blockchain, Web3, Tokenization, Metaverse and AI. He looks back on more than 25 years of digital expertise. 
He is involved in helping governmental regulator with their framework setup. He helps with tokenization of ecosystems for RWA within real estate, retail and tourism.

Raj Kapoor

India Blockchain Alliance

Raj is the Founder of India Blockchain Alliance, the largest Indian emerging technology tech think tank, the Chairman of the Global Alliance for Artificial Intelligence and Innovation and an Advisory Board Member at over 60 blockchain companies including, Floyx, Spherium, Cypher Blockchain. He is a global, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency & FinTech Educator, Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Blockchain Solution Architect, and friend of disruptive ideas, protem Chairman for Organization of Blockchain Technology Users (OBTU). He is also the chief Blockchain Consultant for Tata Elxsi Ltd. He is also the CEO of Growth Alley Inc, USA.